One Act at a Time

One Million Acts of Green is an activist project that I first got involved with because of Facebook (surprise, surprise). One of my friends sent me an invitation to join the Facebook group and it convinced me to take part. The project is an environmental movement spearheaded by CBC and Cisco that began October 21st of this year. The goal is to get Canadians to perform easy tasks to help the environment.

Green is the New Black

On the OMAG website, a list of acts are given, ranging from everyday habits like using a refillable coffee cup, to big home projects like insulating the attic. Every time you do an act, it adds to your total acts of green counter and the green calculator tells you how much greenhouse gas emissions were just reduced.

The project combines a number of different media to communicate their message. By having an interactive website, by garnering support through social networking sites like Facebook, by involving celebrity support like Alanis Morissette and David Suzuki, and by using television and radio, OMAG is able to promote and propagate their cause to larger groups of people.

An activist project like OMAG shows that a little change can add up to make a big difference. So far, there have been 379,036 acts of green across Canada, which have saved a total of 17,486,636 kg of GHG from going into our atmosphere.

Although as an individual, my contribution to the cause may be small, I know that it’s not insignificant. “Together we can make an impact. Together we can make our lives, our communities, and our environment greener. One million acts of green, one act a time.”

Go to the One Million Acts of Green website to start adding your acts to the cause.
Or, add yourself to the Facebook group and help spread the message.


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